The novel has recently been reviewed by Rites of Romance. Here's what Ash writes:

I recommend this book to anyone looking for a good sci-fi story with a big heart!

Katherine Petersen of ParaNormal Romance has this to say about A Greater Art:

...a terrific tale of fantasy adventure.

I got a lovely, literate review of A Greater Art from Book Utopia, too: Here's a snippet:

Dense, complicated, and thoroughly absorbing, A Greater Art sucked me in and refused to let me go ... extraordinary world building ... a fabulous and absorbing read.

Eglantine of The Long and the Short of it writes:
Through this well-crafted tale Ms Davidson takes an honest look at self-esteem, prejudice, heritage and destiny... a good read with a solid, exciting plot which had me up way beyond bedtime.

Book Utopia picked A Greater Art as one of her favorite novels of 2008! Book Utopia Mom blogs:
A Greater Art has dense world-building, sympathetic leads, and a complex plot. I read this in a single sitting, much to my family's chagrin, but I absolutely couldn't put it down.

A Greater Art has also been nominated for an RORR award as the best science fiction romance. Vote for your favorites in the Rites of Romance Yahoo! group poll.