Love and Other Perils is a 2018 EPIC e-Book Finalist!

Love and Other Perils is a 2018 EPIC e-Book finalist!

Love and Other Perils Released

My latest novel, a romantic science thriller, has been released by Evernight Publishing. Here's the blurb:

Hanna Grace is a robotics expert with a secret digital past. A mysterious group, with roots in an ancient cult, asks her to use her cracking skills to hunt down the makers of a poisoned drug. She refuses. But when they kidnap her baby sister, she has no choice. She’s double-crossed, forcing her to use any and all means to get her sister.

Linc, a tough-but-tender ICE agent, agrees to help. Together, they uncover a deadly mix of nanotechnology, mystical union drugs, and plague. And maybe—if they survive—they’ll also discover love.

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